Ordeals of Iranian women

Iranian women are highlighting their ordeals as women living in Iran

[Ahead of International Women’s Day, Iranian women are highlighting their ordeals as women living in Iran, encouraging other women to step forward and tell their own stories.]

–The lived experience of all women is full of struggles in order to prove themselves and have a very ordinary life.

–Girls are not taken seriously in political formations. Their presence is mostly a formality.

–Still when I go to the theater, I feel very bad and I feel that I could belong to that hall, but my family didn’t allow me.

–Over my divorce, and particularly over custody of the sons.

–I told myself, what should I do? Should I now go and take an officer to that land to see the disputed land? I recall that I rented a boy on that day.

–With my friends, we decided to buy a very small knife from a peddler to protect ourselves. It was really funny.

–There was a time when people were afraid to talk about incidents that have happened to them and the inequalities they are facing.

–In my opinion, many things have changed.

–Women’s issue has found its way very well. And almost peacefully it is moving forward in any form or any idea.

–I fought. Of course, peacefully. And I could take a series of my rights – my basic rights.

–Let me say that I feel change every day. I see it in my colleagues.

–To me, it seems that narrating gives courage to people. When we see that somebody else is narrating her story, it seems that we won’t be then afraid that this or that thing has happened to us.

–Awareness is the foundation of freedom. To me, we must tell our experience so that we can make all women aware.

–So it is important to talk about discrimination and inequality.

–The more we talk about our experiences with each other, the more we become aware of each other.

–Experiences – whatever they are or the lived experiences that we have had even if they have been violent, humiliating, offensive – mustn’t be kept as secrets. To me, it seems that the sooner we narrate them, the better.

–Awareness is the first step of change. You too talk about your experiences.

–You too tell your stories and your experiences.

–You too talk.

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