Iranian women had hijab before Islam!

Kazem Seddiqi, Tehran’s Friday Prayer Temporary Imam

[Kazem Seddiqi, Tehran’s Friday Prayer Temporary Imam, claims that Iranian women had hijabs even before Islam. After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Iranian women were forced to wear hijabs, and they have continuously protested against it. In a recent movement called Girls of Enghelab Street, Iranian girls and women take off their hijab in public places to protest against forced hijab.]

Seddiqi: Iranian women had hijabs before Islam. Go to Persepolis. There you see images that are all with hijab. Bad hijab was imposed. But what some elites say in this regard is surprising. How can we call them elites? Some people whose fathers were defenders of hijab,

and were prominent religious figures. And now their sons make these remarks! The issue of bad hejab was imposed on Iran and was imposed on Islam. Hijab is dignity for Muslim women, it is protection, it is an honor, it is a stronghold. It is a sign of cultural independence, religious identity, and national authenticity.

We are proud of our women’s hijab, and we hate imposed bad hijab from the bottom of our hearts. And we say that the Iranian nation has gone through so many ordeals so far and has given so many martyrs, so they won’t tolerate bad hijab.