Iranian regime buries activist tortured to death in secret to avoid reprisals

Iranian regime buries Mohammed Raji, a prominent campaigner Gonabadi Dervish activist in secret to avoid reprisals

This covertly filmed amateur footage, by an unknown individual, believed to be a member of Iran’s Gonabdi Dervish community, reportedly shows an ambulance in the early hours of Sunday, March 4, 2018, transferring the body of Mohammed Raji, a prominent campaigner Gonabadi Dervish activist, for burial after he was tortured to death in regime custody for participating in anti-regime protests.

Raji was detained following skirmishes between Dervishes and Iranian regime police personnel who were attempting to break up protests over the regime’s long record of oppression and human rights abuses towards the community. Regime personnel reportedly carried out the burial in secret late at night, fearing possible widespread protests over this latest killing of an activist in regime custody; the already high numbers killed under torture in the regime’s prisons is increasing, especially as tensions continue to rise in the country with protests growing in recent months over spiralling economic crises and worsening oppression, particularly towards religious and ethnic minorities, including the Gonabandi Dervishes, one of Iran’s many brutally oppressed religious minorities.

The amateur cameraman filming the ambulance removing Raji’s body for burial whilst following the vehicle covertly in his own car, says, “They’re taking Mohammed Raji’s body after midnight, at two a.m., to bury him, heartbreakingly without anyone attending the burial. His burial is being carried out in complete secrecy without informing anyone. Nobody, not even his family members, has been informed about his burial. They’re taking his body to bury him without informing his family members or anyone else at two a.m. after midnight; as you can see, the ambulance is traveling ahead of us. Our lion rests inside the ambulance, the brave lion Raji; you are a hero, may your soul be happy. You are in our hearts.”