Protester targets Iranian regime media office

A member of the ‘Restart’ anti-regime opposition movement attacking the head office of the Iranian regime’s ‘Islamic Republic News Agency’ or IRNA

This footage filmed on a phone camera by a young anti-regime protester in Iran reportedly shows him attacking the head office of the Iranian regime’s ‘Islamic Republic News Agency’ or IRNA with a Molotov cocktail, attempting to start a fire there in protest a regime corruption and oppression.

The young man introduces himself as a member of the ‘Restart’ anti-regime opposition movement. As he throws the Molotov cocktail, he scornfully refers to the regime news agency as “Pinocchio” after the fairy tale puppet character whose nose grew whenever he told a lie; this is a common slur amongst Iranians for the IRNA, which is widely seen as an untrustworthy information source, existing solely as a conduit for regime news; the agency has peddled the regime’s narrative on protests across the country, downplaying and minimizing them and slandering protesters.

As he throws his homemade petrol bomb, the young man says, “this is the building of the IRNA – hey Pinocchio, this is Restart.”

The ‘Restart’ anti-regime movement which has come to prominence in the protests in recent months, was founded by Seyyed Mohammed Hosseini, an Iranian show business celebrity, politician activist, and radio host who worked for the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) service until 2010 when he left the IRIB. In 2011 Hosseini immigrated to the United States as a political refugee and became a vocal opponent of the current brutal theocratic Islamic Republic regime in Iran.

In the US he has started an opposition group called “Restart” which is currently active against the Iranian regime. Since launching his opposition group, Hosseini has attracted many young Iranians to join with the ultimate aim of changing the Iranian regime. Hosseini encourages his followers to attack the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and Basij bases and government buildings throughout the country as part of his plan to cause the collapse of the regime.