Western lifestyles degrade women!


The Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei stated last week that Western lifestyles and equality degrade women, suggesting that Western women are semi-naked or fully naked most of the time.

Speaking at an event held on March 8 to mark the birth of Fatima Zahra, the daughter of Prophet Mohammed, Khamenei told the audience of panegyrists, eulogists and other regime supporters, “In contrast to the pattern for the Islamic woman, there is a deviant pattern among Western women who, rather than having the features that distinguish the Islamic woman, have characteristics such as nudity and means of sexual attractiveness and pleasure for men because the Western lifestyle degrades women.”

The head of the so-called Islamic Republic continued, “In contrast to the pattern for the Islamic woman, there is a deviant pattern that varies in different periods such as today; this deviant pattern is the Western women’s pattern, that of Western women today in the era we live in. Instead of all the outstanding and excellent characteristics that we see amongst Muslim women, the most sought-after characteristic of the Western woman is her ability to physically attract men, and to be under this exposure to satisfy men, that is her characteristic.Therefore, today you see the distinctive image of the Western woman is her nudity. In a formal assembly attended by men and women, the man must be completely covered while the woman must advance toward nakedness as much as possible. This occurs informal gatherings while it’s clearly a social environment. This state of women’s nudity in the west is related to recent western eras in Europe and America where it was not like this in the past. As far as we are aware and we know, the Western woman is the embodiment of consumption, cosmetics and providing a means of sexual excitement for man.In other words, all those phrases they use about women like ‘sexual equality’ and so on, those are just words, they are only the appearance of the issue, but the essence of the situation is what I mentioned [women’s nudity].”