“Internet is a military organization”!

Hassan Abbasi, former IRGC officer, and conspiracy theorist

[Hassan Abbasi, former IRGC officer, and conspiracy theorist, criticizes the government for letting telecommunication ministry, and not the militaries, control the internet and cyberspace.]

Hassan Abbasi: Internet is a military organization. One of the strangest things on earth is that the internet is controlled by telecommunication ministry in Iran. In the U.S., the internet was created by the defense ministry. The defense ministry has an organization called NSA, which is by the Baltimore road in northern Washington DC. Under the ground, they have several hectares of super-computers and control the world’s internet. The internet is controlled by this organization, and it gives its protocols.

AT&T is something like our telecommunication ministry in the U.S. Post, Telegraph, Telephone. This AT&T itself is the user of the internet. And then in Iran, an absolutely military phenomenon is controlled by a non-military ministry. That is why Iran is undermined and hurt. In China, the internet is controlled by the militaries, in Russia, it is controlled by the militaries, in the Zionist regime and all other countries that have something to say in this regard [the internet is controlled by the militaries.]

In England, it is controlled by GCHQ and in America by NSA. Then in Iran which has so many enemies in the world, it is controlled by a group of computer engineers in telecommunication ministry. Our misery isn’t just because we don’t have experts for “foreign currency wars” and revolutionary people in the Central Bank. It is because those who created internet have the internet controlled by the militaries [but not in Iran]. And it is managed by the defense ministry. It is good to know that they have a cyber commander. Their cyber commander is an American admiral. His name is Rogers and he is the commander of the internet.