The US is “provoker of sedition and corruption”!

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, last week slammed American intervention in the Middle East region, accusing the USA of being a “provoker of sedition and corruption,” and asserting that the USA and European nations have no right to tell Iran what it can or can’t do in the Middle East.

Speaking at a religious event held to mark the birth of Prophet Mohammed’s daughter Fatima Zahra on March 8, Khamenei told the assembled group of regime loyalists, “Enemies regularly raise doubts about political issues today. They say, ‘Why does Iran have a presence in the region?’ Now, who is the complainant? It’s America [the US government], the provoker of sedition and corruption: wherever America is, there is corruption; wherever America is, there is a conspiracy so, the US government – the provoker of sedition and corruption – asks us, ‘Why do you have a presence in the region?’ Well, do we have to ask for your permission to be in the region? We should talk with regional governments about our presence – why would we talk with you?”

As Khamenei’s supporters laughed at his mockery of US officials, he directed another barbed comment at Washington, saying, ‘If we ever want to have a presence in the US, then we’ll come and talk to you.

The Supreme Leader of the so-called Islamic Republic then addressed the European states wanting to discuss Iran’s presence in the region with the Iranian leadership in similar scathing terms, saying, “This includes the European countries saying, ‘We want to talk with Iran about its presence in the region. What does it have to do with you? Why are you in the region? Is this our region or your region? If it’s our region, then what you are doing here? It’s our region and we’ll talk with the region’s people and governments; thankfully we’re successfully collaborating on plans together and will keep progressing, and God willing, we will have further progress later.”