“No addict is to be fired”!

Ali Moayedi, Deputy Head of the Counter -Narcotics Department

[By order of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, addicts should not be fired from their jobs.

Reporter: They give a drug test, and they say that if somebody is addicted to methadone, he will be fired.

–Not at all. The order of the president as head of Headquarter for Fighting Drugs – and all policies in the world – is the same [not to fire addicts]. If you separate the addicts from their jobs and businesses, it means that you have created the atmosphere for him to continue his addiction. No organizations can separate an addict from his job and employment.

If there are cases, let us know and we will follow them up. We believe that the only way for an addict out of the dark and gloomy atmosphere he is in is to keep his job, his income, and his salary for him, his family and his relative. If we set him aside here and take away his salary, it means that we have actually encouraged him to go and commit other crimes as well.