Executioners turned officials in Iran!

Mehdi Falahati, the anchor of the VOA Persian channel and presenter of the popular weekly program ‘The Last Page’

[VOA Persian’s program profiles with those Iranian officials who had a hand in 1988 executions in Iran and were later given high-ranking positions in the country.]

TV host: In May 2014, Tayebnia, economy minister of Rouhani, appointed Abdulazim Tavosoli to membership in Supreme Delegation for Supervision and Organization of Collection and Sale of State-owned Properties of Iran. At the same time, i.e. May 24, 2014, he became the CEO of Administrative and Employment Affairs of Administrative Staff of Judiciary System – i.e. head of human resources of Administrative Staff of Judiciary System. And he is still in that position. Who knows that he was the interrogator of one-minute courts in 1988 executions in the city of Dezful [southern Iran]?

What have these people done that they are trying to hide now? In meetings of death delegation, in UNESCO Prison… First, let me tell you why this place has been called UNESCO. UNESCO, the educational and cultural center of United Nations, had built a center in Dezful before the revolution in Iran, which was called UNESCO building. It was for fighting illiteracy and protecting children, which is one of the duties of UNESCO.

Before the revolution, this building became teachers’ club. After the revolution, it became a prison – just like many other public and official buildings which became prisons after the revolution. The UNESCO Prison was transferred to another place in 2011 or 2012. It was shut down and given to another entity. And they built a bigger prison someplace else.

The UNESCO Prison is located at the center of the city of Dezful. In meetings of death delegation in UNESCO Prison, the mullah that sat beside Alireza Avaee, the prosecutor, was this person: Hojatoleslam Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi. He is from Iraq, just like Ayatollah Shahroodi, head of Assembly of Experts. They added a Shahroodi to it so that everybody thinks he is Iranian, and it became Hojatoleslam Ahmadi Shahroodi. Probably he hasn’t even seen the city of Shahrood once in his lifetime.