Gonabadi dervishes vow to defend their leader!

[A Gonabadi dervish is recounting the clashes between dervishes and the police forces in northern Tehran. Dervishes are protecting their leader, Noorali Tabandeh, who lives in that neighborhood. In these clashes, 3 policemen and 2 Basijis were killed.]

–They slandered. They fired at us. Three dervishes where shot. Once again, they are attacking from Amir Ebrahimi Street. They came to Golestan Street and there they faced with dervishes’ resistance. And now they are equipping their forces to attack again. Anyway, the establishment must know that the minimum demands of dervishes are citizens’ rights. And during past years, they have been under a lot of pressure: they lost their jobs, they were banned from traveling and banned from education. Now they are persecuting the very neighborhood where Noorali Tabandeh is living. Anyway, the establishment must know that if they want to attack this neighborhood, they must pass over the dead bodies of dervishes.