Ahwaz emptying of resources!

Izeh lawmaker Hedayatollah Khademi

[Izeh lawmaker Hedayatollah Khademi is slamming Iranian officials for neglecting environmental issues in Zagros region provinces, particularly Khuzestan.]

Hedayatollah Khademi: Last week and especially yesterday, the province was under attack of soil, dust, and acid rain, sending these neglected people to province’s hospitals that have no tools and equipment. Certainly, some people have lost their lives. Schools were closed, industries were closed, flights were canceled, and there were many road accidents. Why didn’t Kalantari who, with his non-expert, targeted talks, has been accusing the province for a while, become present in the province?

Why haven’t they decided to take the dust from Khuzestan? You have taken – and are still taking – oil, water, and other transferable resources. Why don’t you take away the dust and pour it overheads of those who have created youth unemployment, who have made elderlies and invalids work as porters in Kurdistan, who have created poverty and unemployment in Sistan and Baluchistan, Kermanshah, Ilam, Lorestan, Khuzestan, Bushehr, and parts of Fars?

Take away this dust and pour it overheads of those who have created such a condition in Education Organization and for teachers who create the future of this country. Rouhani [Iranian president], let these provinces in Zagros region live too. Let the soil of Khuzestan become wet too, and its wetlands be filled with waters and get rid of dust. If governments do not interfere in this regard and let the natural process of the ecosystem of the environment continue and do not create any changes in the paths of rivers, Khuzestan and other provinces in Zagros region will get rid of these problems.