Iranian women detained at Azadi Stadium, Why?

[In this footage, an Iranian girl is explaining about being arrested at the vicinity of Azadi Stadium. Iranian women are banned from entering stadiums to watch men’s soccer matches. At the recent example, 35 women were detained for trying to attend a football match at Tehran’s Azadi Stadium. Azadi Stadium means “freedom” stadium in Persian, and one Twitter user pointed out the hypocrisy of “naming a stadium freedom but banning half of the population from entering.”]

–Today is March 1. It is the day of derby [soccer match between Esteghlal and Persepolis]. We had gone to the Azadi Stadium for protesting. We did even think that it would be banned, and we would be detained. So we went and unfortunately were arrested. We didn’t even intend to enter the Stadium. We were just there. And we didn’t even get very close to the Stadium. We were arrested and put in a van. Inside the van, there were a group of teenage girls who had come to support their favorite teams.

They took us to Vozara Street. We were about 35 women – from 13 years old to 40 years old who had come with their daughters. They mistreated us. Every time they said something to us. And we were persecuted mentally. At 9 o’clock, they allowed us to go. Really, the police are not for securing the safety of people.