Women in cultural ceremonies is forbidden!

[In this footage, Friday Mass Prayer Leader of Bojnourd, North Khorasan Province, attacks the university officials for allowing women to perform musical instruments and host the cultural ceremony.]

Friday Mass Prayer Leader: I should express my regrets that while our students are defying the policies of arrogant countries, we hear that in our own province there was a new incident during past couple of days. And the culture of obscenity is promoted. In a ceremony where men were sitting, a woman had gone on stage and became in charge of an obscene music.

I warn again to those in universities, particularly in Payame Noor University. This is the second time that they are making this mistake. Be careful. Respect the limits. Be ashamed of martyrs’ blood. There were 3000 martyrs in this province. Defenders of Shrine gave their lives wholeheartedly.

Is there a shortage of men to bring women to play tonbak [Persian musical instrument] and become the host? And then others applaud and cheer for them? Particularly in these days that in our religious culture we should invite each other to unity. I express my regrets for Payame Noor University that didn’t even observe its own laws. If they want to have a ceremony, the cultural council should ratify it first. And the cultural council hadn’t ratified it. And the head of the university had decided to do it on his own. And now he should accept the aftershocks all by himself.