Importing human manure from Turkey!

[In this footage, they are talking about why Iran has imported 160 tons of human manure and waste from Turkey.]

TV host: It was announced this week that last year we imported 160 tons of waste or human manure from Turkey to the country. It means that we had a shortage or had a crisis in [producing] human manure. This has been said. Now we are going to ask and see what has happened. We are going to talk to Mr. Sahlabadi, chairman of Industry and Mine Chamber in Isfahan. We are going to ask him what the story is. Good evening Mr. Sahlabadi.

–My greetings to you and the audience of your program.

TV host: Mr. Sahlabadi, what is the story of importing human manure and waste?

–Let me say that we have made many mistakes in the field of industry and, as chairman of Industry and Mine Chamber of the country, I am following this issue up. 1:03

Unfortunately, I have come to very bad conclusions. In 2016, 1,000,412 people lost their jobs in the industrial community. We had many theories about what we should do. Given that it is the year of Resistance Economy and the supreme leader’s remarks, whose fault is this?

You are aware of the critical conditions in industries. And I have become the representative of a group of failed people who are more and more under pressure every day. Eventually, we confronted with excessive imports of 65,309 imported items to the country, one of which was unfortunately about importing wastes from Turkey.

TV host: Well, what does that mean? Does this mean we couldn’t produce waste here? Of course, it hasn’t endangered anybody’s job.

–What I said wasn’t about this issue. My point was that we have imported thousands of baby carriages, millions of blankets, while all textile factories are being shut down in our country.

We have unfortunately imported handmade carpets to the country which is the best in the world in this field.

TV host: Mr. Sahlabadi, we wanted to follow this issue up to see if it is true because it was denied by officials.

–No, this is true. Its numbers are registered in the tariffs. But they say it was chemical and industrial wastewater.

TV host: Mr. Sahlabadi, suppose that it had been exported. Why aren’t we exporting this? We can have a lot of production in such fields [human manure].

–Why do you ask me?

TV host: Why do they buy it? What is its use?

–I don’t think it has any use. These are all corruptions and rent-seeking, which unfortunately exist with regard to importing with foreign currency. I wasn’t talking about whether we can produce this or not.