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Protest Gathering Of Looted People In Front Of Parliament In Tehran, Iran

This footage filmed outside the Iranian parliament building on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, shows an angry group of former investors who lost their savings with the closure of the state-backed Credit Institutes of Caspian, Arman Vahdat, and Afzal Toos, staging a demonstration demanding the return of their money.

One of the protesters, filming the demonstration on his mobile phone, saying, “These protesters are the robbed depositors of Araman Vahdat who came here from different cities especially from Khuzestan province[Ahwaz region] and throughout the country, staging protest rally several times continuously in front of the Iranian Parliament; these mugged savers came here from several hundred kilometres, from far away throughout the country, and are accompanied by the robbed Tehrani depositors as all of the protesters have not been able to receive any results.”

The demonstrators outside the parliament building, many of whom lost their life savings with the collapse of the state-backed Caspian, Arman Vahdat and Afzal Toos credit institutions, chanted slogans demanding justice and the return of their savings, carrying placards with messages such as ‘Araman Vahdat is working under the Iranian central bank’

Throughout the video footage, protesters can be heard chanting the following slogans:

“We call out against all this tyranny”

“Our country was a haven for thieves, an example to the world”

“Whose hands is our money in? It’s a good thing to be ashamed”

“Is this the Central Bank or the thieves’ center?”

“Central Bank, you destroyed, you swallowed our deposits, and you are a disgrace”.