Severe water crisis at the outset!

Rahim Meidani, Iran’s Deputy Energy Minister for Water Affairs and Sewage Treatment

A senior Iranian regime official has warned of increasing severe water shortages across the country, stating that citizens must consume only “reasonable amounts” of water, adding that the people are already aware of the extreme water crisis the nation is facing.

In an interview with a state TV news channel, Iran’s Deputy Energy Minister for Water Affairs and Sewage Treatment, Rahim Meidani, told the newscaster that the Iranian people are aware of the severe water shortages facing the country, where drought and desertification are worsening, asserting that citizens need to use “reasonable amounts” of water, and stating that the regime is not predicting the introduction of any water rationing measures.

In this excerpt, the TV presenter asks the minister, “Mr. Meidani are you going to ration water during the upcoming summer or you will implement water cuts?

Meidani responds, “No – by God’s grace we have planned, and I do think that we would not let that happen.”

The newscaster then asks him, “Are you considering it? Or do you mean you’re sure about it? Because this is important and people want to get a quick answer”.

The minister replies, “No we are predicting that we will not ration the water.” 

Meidani’s latest statement came after he previously stated that the regime would buy water supplies to deal with the increasingly severe water shortages. In an earlier statement, he said that the Ministry of Energy would invest in projects to purchase water in order to prevent any severe water shortages in the country, adding that it would also impose restrictions on heavy consumers of water and fine them for wasting water. Previously the cheap water prices had meant that citizens weren’t worried about their water consumption levels, but the increasing shortages due to droughts caused by the regime’s disastrous environmental management policies mean that this policy is no longer viable.