Reformists’ collaboration with intelligence ministry!

Sajad Haghpanah, former member of IRGC

[Sajad Haghpanah, the former member of IRGC, is talking about reformists’ collaboration of intelligence organizations in Iran, and how they have to be approved by these organizations.]

Sajad Haghpanah (former member of IRGC): All these reformists that you see were involved, and they used to come to political department, to report and receive their orders. They were all under supervision. The idea of reform and reformism belongs Islamic Republic regime. All those who talk of reformation were active in the body of intelligence ministry. And you’d better believe that it is absolutely false since the beginning of revolution when they say we didn’t know, we didn’t see, we weren’t members of intelligence formations.

It is impossible for an MP – be it during Khatami’s 8 years, or Hashemi Rafsanjani, or Mir-Hossein Mousavi’s prime ministry, or now – or for anyone in any political positions to be qualified or become a candidate without going through IRGC’s intelligence organization.