“Let’s hold a referendum”!

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

[In his speech on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani talks about holding a referendum on disputed issues in the country, referring to Article 59 of the constitution.]

Hassan Rouhani: If we have a disagreement, let’s refer to Article 59 of the constitution. The Article 59 of the constitution says: in some cases, the legislators and the legislative power can refer directly to public vote in considering vital economic, political, social, and cultural issues.

If we have disagreements on a couple of issues and there are disagreements between factions, there is no need for disputes. We must go to the ballot box. According to Article 59, whatever people say we must do. This is the capacity of our constitution. We must exercise the capacities of our constitution.

A little bit more tolerance. We must raise the threshold of tolerance. Together for our county and for our nation. As I said in the shrine of Khomeini, three things are main principles for us: Islam, Iran, and Iranian people. All for Islam, all for Iran, and all for Iranian people.