“Black Americans demand US Islamic Republic”!!

Hojatoleslam Mandegari, a senior Iranian regime cleric

Hojatoleslam Mandegari, a senior Iranian regime cleric claimed in a recent speech on Iranian state TV that black Americans want an ‘Islamic Republic’ like Iran’s in the USA, further adding that the American government attempted to crush any movement to spread the popularity of this idea by imprisoning or killing hundreds of the black protesters issuing this demand.

Speaking on Iran’s Channel 2, the cleric Mandegari said, “An unusual event occurred in America, but they didn’t let the news spread to the world. It was circulated a little in media, but they prevented it being widely seen, in which a rally happened in America – in New York or Washington – and I personally estimate one million black people marched. Do you know what their slogan was? Of course, they didn’t let this news spread in the world; their slogan was, ‘We want a government of the same type as the Iranian government.

“This culture, which has not yet become a civilization, has triumphed against America’s global civilization as the American elites claim it is, and in the hearts of American, the blacks rally and say, ‘We want the same type of government as the ‘Islamic’ Republic of Iran.’ They [US authorities] halted this from happening, they smothered it and killed a large number of protesters and arrested and imprisoned large numbers and didn’t allow any of these voices to rise up. If this regime becomes successful and achieves its goals, then not only the Muslim world but also the people of the United States and Europe will take it as a role model. So they, Americans and Europeans, will do their utmost to make the Iranian people regret [choosing] the regime of the ‘Islamic’ Republic.”