“Death to the thieves!”

Enraged Victims Of Caspian Credit Institute Theft Throw Eggs At Institute Building In Rasht, Iran

This video footage, which has been widely circulated on social media, shows an angry and distraught group of shareholders, mostly women, holding a demonstration in the southern Iranian city of Rasht after losing all their money in the closure of another Iranian bank as the state’s economy continues to spiral downwards.

The women gathered outside the shuttered Caspian Credit Institute headquarters on February 21 for the demonstration, with some throwing eggs and tomatoes at the building to express their frustration, chanting slogans such as “Death to the thieves!”

The Caspian Credit Institute, an investment establishment with branches in various cities throughout Iran, was launched by and is still linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as well as being supported by the Central Bank. Many people deposited their savings in the institute, trusting to its links with the state to safeguard their money; in recent years, they discovered that their trust had been misplaced, with billions in assets and savings being looted by the bank’s overseers, leaving hundreds of thousands of citizens penniless and causing widespread anger. This is not the only institution to have folded in this way, with the economic crisis affecting others in the same way across the country. The people have taken to the streets across Iran for the past couple of years, with protests growing as the situation worsens, demanding their money back; there has been no reaction by the regime or any attempt to compensate the savers in any way.

The chants heard at the protest in Rasht, like the others across the country, expressed public frustration at the regime for the deteriorating situation, including, “Death to thieves!”, “Death to the government!”, “The motto of every Iranian is ‘Death to Rouhani!’”, and “The moderate government has emptied our pockets!”

The protesters banged on the doors of the Caspian Credit Institute entrance and demanded that officials come out and address the savers’ concerns. When no officials emerged, the demonstrators began throwing eggs and tomatoes at the building to express their anger. They also wrote slogans on the entrance door demanding their rights and the return of their assets. After gathering at the front entrance of the Institute, they rallied and marched through the streets of Rasht chanting warnings to the Iranian regime to take their demands seriously and return their savings.