Resistance is the only preemptive power for Lebanese!

Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Lebanese Hezbollah

[Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Lebanese Hezbollah, is talking about his group as the only preemptive power in that country.]

Hassan Nasrallah: The only preemptive power that you have – you have the golden equation – but in this economic war and case of gas and oil reserves, the only preemptive power that you have is the Resistance. It is your only winning card because Lebanese army is banned from doing anything, or for example, from having missiles – surface to surface, land to sea or surface to air missiles.

But the army has always been kept weak. Army commanders, at all ranks, have always shown their bravery and have accepted responsibility. But they are banned from having weapons. They have been banned. Who has banned them? Americans! I will tell you why later.

Therefore, today, all Lebanese can say, “Wait a second. If you prevent us, we will prevent you. If you bomb us, we will bomb you. If you strike us, we will strike you. We too are brave, determined, and powerful enough.” And the enemy knows us. It is not just rhetoric.