Rouhani sees extra-terrestrials!

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

[In this footage, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is narrating one of his childhood experiences.]

Hassan Rouhani: I was probably at a second or third grade of primary school. 7 or 8 years old. I came out of our home to go and say my prayer. Morning Prayer. When I came to the yard of the mosque, I felt that the yard was filled with of light of a projector.

I felt that the light was from above. I raised my head and felt that something was coming down from above. It was like a mass – 1 by 2 or 1 by 3. But it was all light. It was all light, and I could see nothing but shining of the light.

I saw that it came from above and landed in the yard of the mosque. And I felt that there was a kid in it. And there were many people in it. For a few minutes this mass was there, and then it took off again. And when it took off, I followed it.

Even though I wanted to go to the mosque, I started following it. Then I saw that it came to the other mosque in our village which was two or three hundred meters away from our mosque. Our mosque was known as the mosque behind the trench, and this next mosque was called as the mosque outside the fortress.

I saw that it landed there. It landed in that mosque. I was running in the alley, and I saw that it went there. I was trying to reach it. When I got there, I saw that it flew off the middle of the mosque and went towards the sky. And I was looking as it left our village. And I returned, and when I got to the mosque, the Morning Prayer was over. And I said my own prayer by myself.

It was very interesting for me. And it is not clear to me yet that what it was that I saw then. What was its reality? But certainly, it wasn’t imaginings or dreams. I was awake. I could see and feel it completely. And it was very interesting. And it was one morning during the month of Ramadan when this took place. It is one of the most memorable moments of my life, which is not very clear to me yet.