The astronomical asset of Sakineh Khamenei!

[In this footage, a list of astronomical assets of some leaders of Iranian regimes and their relatives – including Sakineh Khamenei – is given. Meanwhile, the majority of Iranian people are in need of their daily bread.]

–The U.S. CNN has done investigations, and significant files are going to be published, just as its news has been published before. Let me point out a few examples. Nazi Khamenei has $7 million in Turkey, $56 million euros in Germany, and 122 million pounds in Britain. And she has bank accounts there. Mojtaba Khamenei: 1 billion pounds in Britain, 2.2 million euros in Germany, $766 million Qatar, and he has bank accounts in Switzerland which have been tracked and will be exposed.

Brigadier-General Ahmad Vahidi, who is now in meeting to plan the kind of oppression against the right-seeking people, has saved $32 million in Dubai, $65 million in Turkey, $122 million in Germany. Mojtaba Mesbah Yazdi has $184 million in Dubai, $221 million in an Arab company, and 55 million euros in Spain.

Ali Mesbah Yazdi has $45 million in Dubai, $17 million in Turkey, 65 million pounds in Britain, $75 million in South Africa, and 110 million euros in Germany. Just imagine how much this money can resolve the issue of unemployment in Iran and how much it can eradicate poverty in the country!

Hassan Firoozabadi, Hossein Shajooni, Askaroladi, Hossein Janati… they are all there. And their list is available. And I don’t want to take too much of your time with this. Sakineh Khamenei. Let me say this one. Mrs. Sakineh Khamenei has saved $25 million in Malaysia, $14 billion in Qatar, and $112 million in Dubai.

Assets of Ali Akbar Velayati, Mohammadi Ray Shahri and other leaders of Islamic Republic will be published, and people will see for themselves and will see the related documents. And better than anyone else, you can see the conditions in Iran for yourselves. The law enforcement forces shouldn’t be protectors of looters of Iranian people’s wealth.