Khomeini’s goal was to Islamize the world!

Mohsen Rafighdoost, IRGC military officer, and politician

[Mohsen Rafighdoost, IRGC military officer, and politician, is talking about Iranian regime achieving the goals set by Khomeini, leader of the Islamic revolution.]

Mohsen Rafighdoost: [Khomeini] several years before the beginning of his movement in 1962 – i.e. right after the death of Borojerdi who had started the movement – said in a meeting that we have 3 goals in future. Islamizing Iran, Islamizing Islamic countries, and Islamizing the world.

The first and the second goals have been realized. Iran was Islamized. Creating Hezbollah in Lebanon was the beginning of Islamizing Islamic countries. What has happened in past years in our region was a war that took place between America and Iran. Of course, it wasn’t in Iran. It was in Iraq and in Syria (it is still underway in Yemen). In these two countries, Iran overcame America.

And this was Imam’s goal and Imam’s education. And we wanted many things under the slogan of independence: we wanted political independence, independence in defense, economic independence. And let me say it as a military who is still in IRGC that our independence in defense is complete.