Iran executed Saddam Hussein,Time to declare the Persian empire

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, one of the propagandists of Iranian regime and member of Iran’s Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution

  [In this footage, Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, one of the propagandists of Iranian regime and member of Iran’s Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, is talking about Iran’s revolutionary foreign policy, which aims at creating an empire and becoming a superpower. He quotes and comments on Khomeini’s remarks in this regard.]

 Rahimpour Azghadi: We say it clearly: in our foreign policy, we have repeatedly announced that we are after expanding the influence of Islam all over the world. And we have been – and still are – after lessening the dominance of imperialists. Wherever we can strike these imperialist countries – these 3 or 4 corrupt regimes that have dragged the world in blood –we will do it so that the humanity would get rid of them.

We are after lessening this dominance. We cannot completely destroy it. The dominance of arrogance, the U.S. dominance, dominance of Soviet Russia and some other countries, dominance of England and France, and dominance of Israel – these 4 or 5 countries are not the whole world but are imperialist countries. Some people who want to surrender [to them] talk about “reconciling with the world”. As if our revolution is at war with the world, and the world is just 3 or 4 countries. Yes, we have clearly announced it. Then America’s lackeys have called this policy expansionist.

They say, you want to expand to become superpower and have dominance over others. They have called this the idea of building a great empire. They say that Iranian revolution is after creating a great Iranian empire in the world and wants to have dominance over other countries to create a Shia empire and an Iranian empire. But we say we are not like you. You are after building empires.

Our revolution is anti-empire. But this is how America’s lackeys create atmosphere. If you call this expansionism and idea of building a great empire, we don’t want to argue over the name. We are not afraid of that, and we welcome this. We want to build an empire. But the empire of the oppressed. You two– America and Soviet Russia –  are empires of the arrogance.

We are the third empire. We are the empire of the oppressed. We want to build a revolutionary empire – an Islamic empire. We try to help Islamic countries and oppressed countries to be liberated one after the other. We want to become the third superpower in the world. We will become the superpower of the people in front of other two superpowers. This was Imam’s [Khomeini] language. He said, we are frank; I have never been secretive [about this].

We were saying it even before the revolution. We say these are words of prophets. This was the prophets’ goal. “Forbidding evil” in the world is a global revolution. We welcome it and are not afraid that you attribute these things to us. Do you think if you ask us whether we are after expansionism and empire, we would say no? Not at all. Now if want us to say it, then yes, we are. Then we will be just like you. But you are in the path of falsehood and force, and we are in the path of justice and serving people and the oppressed people.

The new reality is that 5 or 6 countries in the region are not under your dominance any longer, and they have joined the camp of Islamic revolution: Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine’s Gaza, and Afghanistan. They were under the dominance of America and Soviet Russia. But almost all of them are now no longer under their dominance. We disrupted the status quo. And everything changed. The course of human history changed. Communism is gone. Zionism is on the verge. They have been defeated by forces of our revolution’s camp for a couple of times.

They just need another push. American capitalist system was dominant over Iran and over Yemen. But it lost all of these and retreated. This is the new reality now. This reality was created by our martyrs, by Imam [Khomeini]. Russia, America and other country cannot occupy an Islamic country and stay there any longer. They could do that during past 100 years. But after the Islamic revolution, they can’t any longer. Didn’t they occupy Iraq and Afghanistan? First, Soviet Russia. Then the Americans and the British.

Didn’t they occupy Iraq and Afghanistan? But are they dominant over Iraq and Afghanistan now? Can we say Iraq is now fully digested by America and the west? It is not under their control. Their presence is confined to a couple of bases. We are like prophets. We are in the line of prophets. If prophets came, would they say they only deal with oppression here, but that part is none of their business? The prophets said wherever there is oppression, paganism and polytheism, we must be present there as much as we can.

Imam [Khomeini] says our revolution will act globally. We will not be confined to Iran. It doesn’t mean that we want to occupy some places. It doesn’t mean that we want to interfere in domestic affairs of nations so that they do what we tell them to. The right to choose and freedom belongs to nations. But we say it openly that wherever there is oppression, paganism, and polytheism in the world, wherever there is a fight, we will be there. We will be present in 5 continents of the world.

We think and act globally. We want to promote Islamic regime of God’s Prophet in the world of arrogance. Imam [Khomeini] says this is our foreign policy. We want to promote Islam of God’s Prophet not just in the world, but within those arrogant countries – i.e. America, Soviet Russia, Britain and so on. They created ISIS to give a violent, criminal Wahhabi image of Islam.

and say “that this is the Islam they are talking about: they behead you with swords. They do this not just to others, but Muslims do this to each other. And then they [ISIS] go to European countries and run over people in the sidewalks with cars.” Is this Islamic jihad? This is Wahhabi jihad. We are disrupting the global order. And Imam [Khomeini] did that. This world is not the same as 40 years ago. The situation of the world has been disrupted. Today, Islam and Muslims are the first issue in the world. 40 years ago, they were the last issue in the world. 6:01

They weren’t issues at all. Where was Iran? Nobody knew where Iran is. It was a lackey country known for its oil, its carpets, and its cats. But today Iran is the center of the volcano. This is what Imam [Khomeini] did. Iran has become the center of the global changes. Kissinger, that Zionist American theorist, said openly that Iran has built an empire. He said Iran has built a world empire.

He said, “help ISIS, because without ISIS, we can’t stand up against them any longer. Wherever ISIS is, they come. And ISIS is defeated by them. They have destroyed ISIS. And wherever ISIS retreats, that place then belongs to Iranians”. America has announced that right now 5 Arab and non-Arab countries in the region are parts of camp of Iran and Islamic revolution. Imam [Khomeini] had said, you would see this happen. And it did. And this is just the beginning.

If the regime acts properly and we do not deviate [from our path], if you act properly, Iran will certainly become one of the centers of Islamic civilization and global civilization in all fields: science, economy, militarism, organization and management. But not the arrogant type. Imam [Khomeini] says we will stop American personnel from having immunity all over the world.

How? Even with forceful fight. It means that if necessary, we will pick up weapons or send weapons to the countries that are being humiliated by Americans. And we will help their youths, intellectuals and revolutionaries to not allow these people have immunity. Imam [Khomeini] says, even with force, we will destroy capitulation throughout the world.

We are pioneers in doing this. Take this scientific growth and global dignity seriously. In this region where everywhere is war – and they say its origin is Iranian revolution – Iran is safe. Everywhere is disrupted. They say it. Why doesn’t anyone dare occupy Iran? That is because they know we would stand firm here. Saddam invaded Iran. They grabbed him by the collar for 8 years. They eventually went to Iraq and executed him. Saddam was hanged and executed by our guys, not Americans. America wanted to keep him alive. Forces of Islamic revolution executed Saddam. Fight your enemy outside your land. Don’t allow war to take place within your own land.