Hezbollah’s proudness of dependence on Iran!

Hassan Nasrallah, secretary general of Lebanese paramilitary forces

[In this footage, Hassan Nasrallah, secretary general of Lebanese paramilitary forces, claims Iran has not interfered in Lebanon, while admits being dependent on Iran.]

Hassan Nasrallah: I say it in your name. Show me one case of Iranians’ interference in Lebanon. Show it to me. Give me an example. In one place. Hezbollah has been accused of protecting Iran’s interests in Lebanon; what are Iran’s interests in Lebanon that are protected by Hezbollah and are not Lebanon’s interests? Is it not great injustice that they make such allegations?

Let me tell you: we are Iran’s allies. We are friends with Iranians. We are proud that we are dependent [on them], and we are proud that we are tied to them. Say whatever you want about us. Iran has never interfered in Lebanon. Not at all. Not in the issue of the presidency. They didn’t say who not to choose. There are many countries that interfere,

saying this or that person shouldn’t come. And they veto him. But Iran doesn’t do that. Some say this or that person shouldn’t be head of the government or speaker of parliament. Some boycott and even take the head of the government as a hostage. Right now, it is time for election of lawmakers. Where are Iranians interfering? Where? But let me tell you. Let me show Arab embassies. And I will tell you how they interfere.

I don’t want to take too much of your time. It is a truth acknowledged by all Lebanese. Why should we just talk? Give one example of Iranians interfering in Lebanon’s domestic affairs. Where has Iran made a decision instead of Lebanese? That is the first point. Second point: give me one example in which Iranians or Hezbollah have not taken a measure to the advantage Lebanon’s interests, but have done it for the interests of Iran.