Basiji ID card becomes a shame!

This video is one of many uploaded to social media purportedly showing members of the Iranian regime’s hated Basiji militia burning their ID cards in solidarity with Iranian anti-regime protesters and showing their own contempt for the so-called Islamic Republic regime. The footage shows the Basiji member burning his ID card issued by the Basiji; like other members and Iranian troops who have uploaded photographs of themselves destroying their ID cards in defiance of the regime, the man does not speak or show his face, since if he were identified, he would face imprisonment and very probably execution for his act of resistance.

The video is one of a large number showing similar acts by regime troops and militia members in solidarity with the anti-regime protesters, which have been uploaded online despite the regime’s efforts to crack down on any expression of opposition to the ayatollahs’ leadership.

Although Iran Tag is unable to independently verify the veracity of this video and similar ones uploaded recently, many Iranian activists have stated that they are credible expressions of increasing disenchantment amongst some sections of the regime military.