Friday Prayer Leader disses workers!

[In this footage, workers leave Friday Mass Prayer in Bandar Abbas in protest, when Mass Prayer Leader pays no attention to their demands and problems.]

–I work at safety unit. And I have the statistics. We have at least 1,000 disabled.

–I have worked for 18, 19, 20 years, in addition to work records from my previous job, so that I can get my pension. I have put all my energy on this. My body has burnt 13%.

Reporter: Which part of your leg is burnt?

–My left leg completely. Up to knee, it was in melting substance.

–All bones and noses. As for me, I broke my hand. Look, 70 to 80 percent of guys were hurt. It is not apparent over their bodies.

Reporter: One of the first people these workers went to for following up their demands was Bandar Abbas’ Friday Mass Prayer Leader. Our camera wasn’t allowed to enter mass prayer.

[Images recorded by cell phone]

Friday Mass Prayer Leader: What has the issue of Al Mahadi got to do with me?

Why do want to get me involved? [Sarcastically] As for those who are leaving here, you are more than welcome to go! That was so kind of you. Friday Mass Prayer is no place for such things. Don’t make Friday Mass Prayers scene of such protests.