Protesters of Iran are “rioters”!

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

In a recent speech, delivered during a meeting with some of the senior commanders and officers of the Iranian Air Force and the army’s Air Defence Base, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei condemned the anti-regime protests across the country, asserting that God had instructed the regime to serve the people, with the protesters going against divine will.

Khamenei was speaking at one of the ceremonies in the ten-day ‘Dahe-ye Fajr’ (Decade of Dawn) festival held from February 1-11 to commemorate the 39th anniversary of the founding of the Islamic Republic; following the return of his predecessor Khomeini to Iran in 1979, February 11 was renamed as ‘Islamic Revolution Day’ or 22 of Bahman, with the regime planning major celebrations for next year’s 40th anniversary.

In this clip from the speech, the Supreme Leader says, “Who are the people? The people are those who create the February 11 epic every year; the people are them. Listen to these people if you want to understand the words of the people. The people are those who, after a number of rioters became involved [in recent protests], stepped back, even if they had had a complaint, and after that, they [regime loyalists] entered the fray on December 22 and chanted their own slogans. These are our people. Do not mistake them. Know the people from their slogans and their words and their work for the people in sincerity and to gain God’s satisfaction. The people have complaints about corruption and discrimination; these are the words of the people. The people will tolerate most problems, but they are complaining of corruption and discrimination and will not abide it; therefore, the officials of the three branches of government, the executive and the judiciary and the legislative branches, must seriously tackle corruption.”