People’s protests not just over economic issues!

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

[In this footage from the press conference after recent popular protests, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani admits Iranian people have objections were not just to economic issues, but to many other issues including social issues and the country’s foreign policies. In these protests, people chanted slogans against critical economic situation in Iran, as well as against Iran’s foreign policy in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc.]

Journalist: Mr. President, you said before it is too late, people’s voice must be heard. I wanted to know if you have heard people’s voice in recent protests with regard to inflation, high prices, and inefficiency of some managers. If so, what decisions have you made to deal with these issues? Do you intend to fix the government’s economic team?

Hassan Rouhani: My problem is with this type of question.

When you want to take people’s demand under economy, it is like not hearing people’s voice. Of course, people have criticisms and objections in the economic field. And they are entitled to do so. But people’s objection is not just regarding economy. They have many things to say about social issues and foreign policies. We must listen carefully.