Brigadier-General Mohammad Pakpour

[IRIB report about the conflict between IRGC and ISIS forces in western Iran.]

TV anchor: In the conflict between forces of Najaf Base of IRGC Ground Forces with remnants of ISIS terrorists, a number of terrorists were arrested, and some were killed. This 21-member terrorist team of Takfiri ISIS had entered the country from the west region.

Brigadier-General Mohammad Pakpour: Following receiving information as to ISIS resolve to deploy terrorist teams to the Islamic Republic for terrorist measures in border and central cities of the country, the intelligence unit of Najaf Base of IRGC Ground Forces took the necessary measures a few days ago to find dominance over this group.

Today morning, they found dominance over these teams, and in an exact operation of chasing and monitoring, they were sieged today before noon. It was in Bamoo region in western Iran. They were engaged in a severe conflict. 16 members [of ISIS team] were arrested, and some were killed.

Necessary measures have started to transfer the dead bodies. Two of them fled the scene and are now under the siege of forces of the base. In this conflict, 3 members of Najaf Base forces were martyred.