More war games of Iran!

 [A report by Iranian state-run TV about Iran’s military drill in southern waters of Iran.].

Reporter: Combat vessels in coastal waters of the region left no place for traces of enemy in the coastal regions in the southern part of the country. This achievement was the outcome of timely action of drone and tracking systems which prepared the ground for powerful presence of brigades of commandos and sea commandos.

Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi: As for the issue of coastal defense, today we witnessed good joint efforts between Ground Forces of Army of Islamic Republic of Iran and Commandos of Navy of Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran. They covered for each other, and with their synergy, they boosted and displayed defense power of the Islamic Republic of Iran in defending waters and defending our coastlines and borders.

Reporter: Heavy and light fires and mobile offensive heavy artillery and “Labaik 1” rocket launcher of ground forces made it possible for active forces to overpower the enemy with using fast boats.

General Kiyomars Heidari: All equipment that we used are domestic and were made by defense ministry and powerful hands and luminous ideas of our country’s scientists. And then all tactics and technics that we used for deploying these equipment were naturalized tactics and technics.

Reporter: Agile, trained forces with tau operation, free fall, explosive traps, Heliborne operations, vertical operations of commandos covered all waters of the drill region and made it difficult for the enemy.

Admiral Sharifi Nasab: Brigades of commando and marines destroyed predefined targets with using the most up-to-date equipment and weapons in their possession.

Reporter: But this level of mobility and extensiveness of the operation did not create any gaps in Army’s plan to help people.

–Have you had an operation?


Reporter: In addition to promoting a level of preparation and agility of forces, other objectives of this stage of the joint drill of Army were maritime security and shipping lines in distant waters.

Reporter: Speed and accuracy of army forces in the coordinated use of equipment and tactics paralyzed the enemy at this stage of war game.

Amir Rastgoo, IRIB news agency