How a war veteran treated in Iran!

[In this footage, an Iranian war veteran whose money has been gouged by financial institutes explains how Iranian security forces have detained and beaten him, trying to force him to confession.]

Zeinoldini: Greetings to you. I am Amir Zeinoldini. My birth certificate name is Hassan Zeinoldini. I am a war veteran with 50% disability. This is my body. This hand is shorter. I was shot, I was in chemical attack, and there are shrapnel in my body [all from Iran-Iraq war]. Two years ago, with Central Bank permit, I deposited my money in Caspian Bank. And then I went to gatherings. Now there are two million depositors and they hold gatherings, but they put it all on me, saying ‘why did you stage gatherings?’ We are after our rights.

Didn’t the leader say that these people have rights? Didn’t everybody say that? Didn’t they all say that these people have rights to ask for their money? We had to come to streets. A few days ago, they came to my house, broke the door and beat me. They handcuffed me and took me to Evin Prison. They put me in solitary confinement. They tried to force me to write something. I didn’t do that, and I was crying. I was shouting, and I wanted to launch a hunger strike. Now they ask me why my family have bailed me out!

Then yesterday they came for me from prosecution office. They took me to a room. They punched me and told me to write that Mrs. Darvish made coordination for me to interview with VOA Persian. VOA called me, and I talked about my problems. They have gouged my money. I didn’t say anything against the regime, I didn’t say anything. I said they have gouged my money. They banged my head over the table. Here, take a look. It is scratched, as you can see. They said you must write these. I said, ‘why should I write these by force?’

They forced me to write all. Then they told me that ‘wherever you go, we will follow you. You are nothing compared to us. We don’t care that you are a war veteran, brother of a martyr, or whoever you are. They insulted my being a war veteran. I fought for the regime. I was 14 years old when I went [to war]. Is that my fault and now you are threatening me? My life is in danger. They are after me. I don’t have security. I don’t know what on earth I should do. They say I shouldn’t call anyone, I shouldn’t contact anyone. [They say] ‘we will put your family in jail. We will make you miserable.’ My family is in danger. For God’s sake, help us. Human rights organizations must save us.