Iranian workers strike of protests on regime

Video footage of a demonstration by striking Iranian manufacturing workers on Tuesday (February 6, 2018) shows them demanding that the responsible authorities meet with management officials at the state-owned Kian Tire company to resolve their pay dispute, with regime security forces surrounding them as they chant anti-regime slogans familiar from recent protests across the country.

The workers, protesting outside the Ministry of Industry and Mining in Tehran chant, “Security forces, support, support” and “Don’t be afraid, we’re all together”, both chants which have been heard across the country at protests which have been growing since late December.

The presence of the regime anti-riot police failed to prevent the protest and the officers didn’t end the demonstration, simply surrounding the protesters. The Kian Tire Company, a manufacturer of vehicle tires, have held a number of demonstrations to protest the deteriorating working conditions at the factory.