New IRGC offensive tactics

IRGC second-in-command Brigadier-General Hossein Salami

[In this footage, IRGC second-in-command Brigadier-General Hossein Salami talks about Iran’s power to attack so-called “enemies’ interests” in the region.]

Hossein Salami: On a strategic level, we are defensive, but on a tactical level, we are offensive. This means that if a power wants to threaten us, we can expand our current power to any place and create challenges for them. We can strike the existing bases of our enemies in the region with heavy incessant permanent blows.

We can confront with enemies’ naval forces at any level. We can jeopardize the enemies’ strategic interests at any place where their vital interests exist. In this region and beyond, the enemy has many vital strategic interests. And if we attack one of them, that will be enough to stop and lock the enemy.

Therefore, we have saved enough power to engage with all strategic interests of the enemies, and we will use this power at the right time. Just as we have really stopped the enemies’ policies in the region so far. And that is due to expanding our power. Do we directly have military power in Lebanon? No. But a power called Hezbollah has been formed there that has locked the policies of Zionist regime and America.