Missile cities are a pride!

Brigadier-General Hossein Salami, second-in-command of IRGC

TV host: Our missile cities are center of attention of military centers and circles. What are characteristics of these missile cities?

Brigadier-General Salami: Look, these missile cities are first of all very safe places. Very safe against any kinds of orthodox and unorthodox attacks of enemies. So first of all, they’re safe places.

Second, they are completely invisible, meaning that they are not identifiable. And thirdly, they are many and various. There are many of them. We never put all our eggs in one basket. Let me say it again: there are many various missile cities that are large, safe, and hidden.

They are in our possession. Of course, this is only one model of preserving, which means that all our missiles are not in the missile city. We have tried to abundantly disperse them, so much so that we can fire them from different places at the same time. And we can constantly change the place of launch. And there are so many of them that they won’t be harmed.