The countdown for a new revolution!

Fareed Zakaria, the host of CNN and the prominent liberal philanthropist and political activist George Soros

This heavily edited video, broadcast recently by Iranian state TV, merges an introduction from a Fox News report with selected parts of a 2011 interview between CNN’s Fareed Zakaria and the prominent liberal philanthropist and political activist George Soros. In the interview, Soros predicted that the Iranian regime was unlikely to survive, a prediction which the regime is attempting to manipulate in order to suggest that the current uprising by Iranian anti-regime protesters is a conspiracy backed by George Soros. A similar narrative, suggesting that Soros is somehow behind the revolution in Syria, is popular with Western neo-nazis, who maintain close links with Iran’s regime.

The presenter on Fox News, a right-wing station which generally lambasts Soros, introduces the edited footage of the CNN interview by stating, “George Soros, the man who says CSU will be perfect and you will be perfect – is he really a puppet master? And if he is, how does he control?”

In the clip, Zakaria is seen saying to Soros, “When you look around at the regimes, the other regimes, there seem to be protests and discontent everywhere. The one that is most interesting is Iran.”

Soros responds, “Of course. And I’m convinced that the — that the regime will not survive.”

The footage is then skilfully cut (once again with no admission from the regime that it’s been heavily edited) to show a later section of the same interview in which Soros actually begins by lambasting the regime’s crimes and suggesting that it would be unable to succeed in crushing an uprising by the Iranian people, leaving only the end of this sentence, in which he says, “I don’t think that they’ll be able to succeed because this is something that — people behave very differently than in normal times. They actually are willing to sacrifice their lives for a common cause.

So it’s — and the — the impossible, what seems to be impossible not only becomes possible but it actually happens. So I’d — I would like to bet that the Iranian regime will not be there in a year’s time.”