Khamenei’s remarks regarding Iran’s willingness to help Yemeni rebels

[Along the oppressed, with the oppressed]
Khamenei: Every day Yemen is being bombed. People are being bombed. Gatherings and meetings are being bombed. The market is being bombed. The country’s infrastructure is being bombed by the U.S. allies who are approved by the U.S. And they provide their weapons and help them as well. And they defend them pretty well. And then they [Americans] shamelessly show some scraps of metal and say that these are the missile that Iran has given to Yemeni fighters. A baseless claim. They are under siege, and they are oppressed. Yemeni fighters and mujahids are under siege. One cannot get anything to them. If we could, we would give them not one but hundred missiles. One cannot get anything to them. They are oppressed and under siege. “Always be an enemy of the oppressor and help the oppressed”. If you can help the oppressed, then help them.

[In this footage, Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei is talking about why Iran should help Yemeni rebels. In recent protests in Iran, Iranian people objected to Iran’s foreign policy which includes massive spending on military operations in other country.]