Iran is ready to increase nuclear activities

Behrooz Kamalvandi, deputy head of Atomic Energy Organization of Ira

Behrooz Kamalvandi: Salehi, in his call with General Director [of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)], mentioned that we are implementing the safeguard agreement, but beyond the safeguard agreement, there are certain cooperations stipulated with the nuclear deal [JCPOA], and bear in mind that if the U.S. doesn’t do its obligations, they shouldn’t expect the Islamic Republic of Iran to continue to cooperate, as it has during past two years.

Therefore, they should be ready that unpredicted measures or violation of obligations by the U.S. can impact this cooperation and decrease the cooperations.

He [Amano] emphasized that there has been good cooperation between both sides, and cooperations must continue. Salehi pointed out that this requires all sides’ commitment to their obligations if they want it to continue. Amano also pointed out that there has been good cooperation between Iran and IAEA. At this point, Salehi didn’t specify exactly how we might reduce our cooperation under possible conditions, which will be due to decisions of high ranking officials of the regime and can affect our cooperations with IAEA.

But we have predicted different methods and immediately after this incident – if this incident happens, meaning not signing suspension [of sanctions] at the due time – we might take the first measure the very first day. And later we will make further clarifications about cooperations.

Of course, we will remain committed -as we have been so far – to our safeguards obligations which go back to before JCPOA. What is related to IAEA is about our obligations – both international obligations and JCPOA obligations. According to principle, we informed the General Director of IAEA that if condition changes, our relationship with the IAEA will change too. Now as for its proportion, it goes back to the specific conditions and goes back to the decisions of high-ranking officials of the country.

As for Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, what is important for us is to be ready for all circumstances. In other words, if we are going to accelerate our nuclear activities particularly with regard to enrichment, we must be ready to accelerate it in accordance with the view of establishment’s high-ranking officials. And this readiness has been announced in reports to the country’s high-ranking officials.

There is this capacity in our country – in Atomic Energy Organization of Iran – to accelerate our nuclear activities several times faster than before JCPOA in different fields, particularly in the field of enrichment.