U.S.-made ISIS in Afghanistan!

The Supreme Leader of the Iranian Revolution regime Ali Khamenei

In this recent speech, the Supreme Leader of the Iranian Revolution regime Ali Khamenei expressed his regret at the killing of Afghani people in recent terrorist attacks, blaming the US for the tragedies, and suggesting that Washington transferred the ISIL terrorists to Afghanistan to guarantee US presence in the region. Khamenei omits, of course, to mention Iran’s long, well-documented involvement with ISIS and its predecessors in Al Qaeda.

Addressing an audience of Iranian seminarians in Tehran on Tuesday January 30, 2018, Khamenei said, “The same hands which created the ISIL as a tool to oppress and commit crimes against the people in Syria and Iraq through its creation, are the same hands that are now transferring the ISIL to Afghanistan after sustaining defeat in these areas, and the recent massacres are actually the beginning of this [conspiracy] as, from a month or forty days ago till today, they have committed all these killings there.”

“Today, the foremost consideration in US politics is that the [Middle East] region should not see peace, and [the US] wants regional governments and nations to be busy with their own affairs so that they don’t think of opposing the evil agent of arrogant powers, which is Zionism,” Khamenei continued, adding, “The United States’ other goal is transferring ISIS to Afghanistan as justification for its presence in the region because when there is insecurity in Afghanistan then America will justify its presence by saying, ‘Yes, we came to establish security’, while they themselves created the insecurity. The killings in this region in the name of religion over the past 20 years have been carried out, directly or indirectly, by the USA’s agents, and they are now pursuing a way of guaranteeing their presence by fomenting insecurity and attaining their political and economic objectives.”