Trade of explosives!

[A state-run TV report about two separate operations of Iran’s intelligence ministry in east and west of the country.]

TV anchor: Intelligence ministry’s master-stroke against the mercenary terrorist. Anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman [intelligence forces] could neutralize two separate terrorist operations aiming at extensive explosions in public places in eastern and western borders of the country, by tracking and discovering two large shipments of bombs, explosives, and ammunition. 0:41

According to the statement of intelligence ministry, in the first operation, 23 remote-control bombs were discovered and seized which had entered the country from the east, aiming at harassing operation and creating insecurity in deep provinces.

And in the second operation, anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman destroyed terrorist operatives who had entered from Iraqi Kurdistan and seized TNT explosives, explosive bags, 150 electronic detonators, 41 grenades, 31 Kalashnikov cartridges, 4 RPG-7 rockets, and several assault rifles.

–Anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman could track and neutralize two shipments of bombs, explosives, and ammunition that were brought into the country for terrorist operations and extensive explosions in public places.