Suicides among earthquake-stricken!

[After the strong earthquake in western Iran, there has been a rise in the number of suicide in the region. In this footage, some of those who had attempted suicide are being interviewed, trying to explain why they tried to take their own lives.]

Interviewer: The level of suicide among the earthquake-stricken is on the rise. Do something to help people.

Interviewer: You are like my mom. You are very handsome and kind. Can I ask a question?

–Go ahead.

Interviewer: Why suicide?

Interviewer: Why did you try to commit suicide?

–You lose your husband, your children, your hope, 12 years of your life, all your belongings, your everything. And I had no support from anybody or any place.

–I am on the edge.

Interviewer: Why are you on the edge?

–I swear to God I couldn’t sleep until morning last night. Once a week, I cannot sleep until morning.

Interviewer: What happened that you thought about killing yourself and tried to commit suicide?

–The earthquake drove me to the edge. And then the condition of the house.

Interviewer: Does that mean that no one helps you for food and your medical expenses?

–No one has helped me at all. If it had not been for popular help in first days, as God is my witness, I would have died because of hunger and cold.

Interviewer: How did it feel? What happened? Talk about yourself.

–After saying my prayer, I decided to kill myself. Because if I have a heart attack, no one will know about it.

Interviewer: After the earthquake, you have attempted to kill yourself 3 times. To what extent, was it because you have lost your family, and to what extent, is it because no one has helped you?

–Honestly, it was 50-50.

Fatemeh Daneshvar (manager of Mehr Afrin charity foundation): When you walk in the city, you can see depression and hopelessness in faces these days.

It has many reasons. Apart from the fact that they have lost their loved ones, it is because they feel abandoned.

–Even for going to doctor, there is no one to help me.

Interviewer: But you see the conditions of these honorable people. They really need your support.

Interviewer: Where do you sleep at nights?

–In a rented tent here.

Interviewer: You sleep in people’s tent?


Interviewer: Why are crying?

–I don’t know. I am not feeling well.

–What can I say? In these miserable conditions, we haven’t had water for 2 days. And I can’t go and buy some mineral water for myself. My feet hurt, and I feel dizzy.