Students must boast Iran’s wars!

Major general Mohammad Bagheri, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps military commander currently serving at the most senior military position available in Iran, Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces of Iran.

This bulletin from the Iranian state TV news channel reports a speech by Iran’s military chief to students, in which he urged the young people to study the knowledge gained from the regime’s current wars in Iraq and Syria, as well as that gained from its previous eight-year “war of holy defence” with Iraq between 1980 and 1988. In the same speech, he also boasted that Iran is now producing long-range ballistic missiles.

The news anchor states, “The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces has called on universities to gather the experiences of [soldiers in] the battles in Iraq and Syria. Sardar Bagheri, attending the ceremony for the beginning of the new academic year, went to the Supreme National Defense University, where he spoke about the unique experiences of the war of holy defense [the 19880-88 Iran-Iraq war], asking academic circles not to forget the knowledge gained from the wars in Iraq and Syria”

The news anchor added, “The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces said that the National Defence University is ready to put its products in the hands of Islamic countries and others. Iran’s ability to produce UAVs which the Russians are seeking to obtain was the next point, in the commander’s words.”

Major general Mohammad Bagheri said, “Long-range UAVs can precisely target and destroy headquarters buildings with a level of precision to within a square meter with this science monopolized by only one or two other countries in the world”.

“Russians are keenly seeking help in gaining knowledge about the production of this kind of UAV”, said the military chief, adding, “While the USA almost has it, and the Zionist regime [Israel] may have attained it with American help, elsewhere we are not aware of any UAV with such precision in targeting”.