Iranian boys and girls sold for sex work!

[This is about the U.S. State Department’s report about human trafficking in Iran, a serious issue that is neither recognized nor fought by the Iranian regime. Iranian boys and girls are taken to other countries for sex work.]

Reporter: On June 27, the U.S. State Department issued its annual report about human trafficking. In this report, the Iranian regime was placed in the Tier 3 in the world. The first tier is for those countries that have accepted the issue of human trafficking and are trying to eradicate it. The second tier is for those countries that have recognized this problem but do not do anything about it.

The third tier are those countries that neither recognize the issue nor do anything in this regard. The Iranian regime is in this tier. According to this report, during past 5 years, Iran has been one of the transit centers, and one of the countries that have been departure and destination point for sexual trafficking of men, women and children and forced labor. According to this report, the number of Iranian women and girls who are taken to Dubai and Iraqi Kurdistan for forced sexual services has increased.

Organized human trafficking groups send Iranian boys and girls to Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Iraq, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and Europe for forced sexual services. Iranian girls of 13 to 17 years of age are targets of human trafficking groups and are taken abroad to be sold. The younger girls are forced to do housework until the trafficker decides they have grown enough for sex services.

Shiraz is one of the departure points for many girls and women sent to Dubai. Some of them are taken from Azerbaijan to Shiraz and then are taken to Dubai. Another part of U.S. State Department’s report addresses those Iranian women who are forced to work in brothels in Iraqi Kurdistan – especially in the city of Sulaimaniyah. Some of these girls are taken to Sulaimaniyah by Iranian human trafficking groups. In 2015, local media of Iraqi Kurdistan reported that some members of Iraqi Kurdistan’s government are customers of these brothels. In addition, the number of teenage girls who are exploited for sexual services has increased in Tehran, Tabriz, and Astara.

The U.S. State Department’s report also mentions Iranian regime deploying non-Iranian refugees and children to Syria for fighting in support of bloodthirsty dictator of Syria. At the end, the Iranian regime is asked to respect the international laws and cooperate with international authorities for discovering human trafficking networks. This demand will not be responded to because human trafficking networks in Iran will not be able to expand their activities without the regime’s support.