Economic activities of IRGC and Army to shut down

Majid Farahani, member of Tehran’s City Council

[Majid Farahani, member of Tehran’s City Council, reacts positively to the announcement of a military institution such as IRGC abandoning economic activities. IRGC as one of the biggest actors in Iranian economy has a privileged position to win government contracts, thus expanding IRGC Business Empire.]

Majid Farahani: Fortunately, the supreme leader issued a significant crucial order, and it was about military institutions of IRGC and Army abandoning economic activities. Therefore, we expect that all economic activities in relation to military institutions including IRGC and Army to stop within a scheduled timeframe.

Because if such institutions come and don’t observe conditions of bidding and win the contracts based on their connections and power, then naturally we will continue to have problems that we had before in urban management. Therefore, as the 5th City Council and urban management system, we are designing a process according to which the most qualified contractor with the lowest price can fulfill its obligations within the specified timeframe.