Next unrests will be by the poor

In this footage, a cleric is blasting Iranian officials for their defiance towards justice seeking in Iran, warning them that the future unrests will be by the poor people.

Cleric: Those who want to put regime’s slogans in front of the regime. It will go so far that if you want to talk about justice, they will say you are undermining the regime. A regime that is undermined with justice-seeking ought to go. The state that stands up against justice-seeking is idolatrous. It is not an Islamic state. You know what has happened? Let me tell you clearly. How much is your income? Many are gouging [people’s money] in the name of an Islamic state, but because they are in the body of the regime, you and I think that we should support them at all costs. And as a result, people think we are supporting those people.

We must define the state: it is serving God and facilitating the path to serve God. It is the state that will destroy social gaps. This is our definition of the state. And we defend this. We will not defend this or that carefree rich official. Look, next sedition is that of those in southern parts of cities [poor people]. It is not by those in northern parts of cities [the rich]. You can easily round up fops. But those who take to streets and are ashamed of their wives and children cannot be rounded up. And they shouldn’t be rounded up. Are you ready to stand against a poor person? We should go back to slogans of the Islamic Republic. And there is no other war.