Environmental disasters are perennial!


Iranian TV host, Reza Rashidpour

[Famous Iranian TV host, Reza Rashidpour, is slamming the Iranian officials for not doing anything with regard to environmental issues all over Iran, particularly Tehran.]

Reza Rashidpour: With all due respect, I, not as a TV host but as an ordinary citizen, want to ask the officials, what have you done for dealing with environmental crisis in the country? What have you done for air pollution in Tehran? For purifying the air in Khuzestan and Ahvaz from dust?

What has been your effective and practical strategies for Urmia Lake that is getting dried? For Bakhtegan, Hirmand and Zayanderud? What practical measures have you taken for overcoming the crisis? What strategic practical measures have you taken for resuscitating the lungs of Tehran? Gas consumption in Tehran is 14 million liters per day.

And these 14 million liters of gas produce 31 million liters of poisonous gas. As I said, 12% of mortality in Tehran is due to air pollution. Dear officials, what has been your effective policy for reducing gas consumption – apart from raising its price?

What has been your effective practical policy for increasing the quality of domestic vehicles that consume gas like drinkable water – apart from getting hurt from criticisms? What has been your effective policy for reducing import of poor Chinese cars that swallow Tehran’s air and emit poisonous gas? Dear officials, I do want to ask you to not to only cite statistics in your responses. 2:01

Statistics are on a piece of paper. People don’t need statistics for breathing. Therefore, the results of your measures are right in front of your eyes, not on paper. Why do you keep referring to statistics so much? When you ask some officials about air pollution crisis, they say they are holding regular meetings for confronting air pollution crisis.

Dear sir, the result of these meetings is clear from the beginning: closing primary schools, except in Damavand and Firuzkuh. Therefore, the only result of these meetings is increase in consumption of banana per capita. Because when the result of the meetings is clear before holding it, then some only take part in them to take a banana.

Therefore, I am scared that very soon only a group of primary school teacher and primary school students will stay alive, and all of us will have cancer and die. So I do ask you to think of the issue, instead of banana. It is right in front of our eyes, and we can see it. It doesn’t need any statistics.