Trump’s “vulgar” language!

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

In this speech delivered at the first Conference of Asian Cultural Dialogues in Tehran earlier in January, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif suggested that Asian powers should work more closely together for the sake of security, as well as strongly condemning US President Donald Trump’s controversial comments in which Trump allegedly calling some nations “shithole countries.”

In this excerpt from his speech at the Tehran conference, which took place on Sunday January 7th and Monday 8th, the Iranian foreign minister says, “If we want to move away from gaining security at the expense of endangering others’ security towards a security for all, then we need to have confidence-building measures; trying to find common ways to fix common problems is a necessary step.”

Slamming the US president’s recent alleged “shithole countries” slur about a number of non-Western nations, Zarif said, “Unfortunately today we see that the person who holds power in his hands in the United States doesn’t have enough understanding when he refers to all [other] nations with vulgar and unacceptable words. It is truly unbelievable that these words are coming from someone who calls himself responsible for that country. This culture, this logic and this kind of attitude impede the emergence of a universal paradigm of dialogue.”