Baha’i bodies should be dumped like garbage!

This report from Iranian state TV news shows the presenter conducting an interview with a hardline regime cleric.

In the interview, which was broadcast live, the presenter asked the mullah, “Viewers have submitted a question asking if it’s okay if the dead body of a Baha’i individual [follower of the Baha’i faith] is washed in a Muslim mortuary.” 

The cleric responds, “Even if it’s thrown into the sea, the dead body of a Baha’i is unclean since Baha’i are unclean. According to the fatwa issued according to religious jurisprudence, if their dead body is washed by water, it will still remain unclean and the water that has flowed down from his body is unclean. The dead body of a Baha’i must not be washed with water and it is forbidden to wash their bodies, but rather their dead bodies must be taken out without being washed and without a coffin to be dumped outside to let the municipality garbage truck collect their body and do whatever they want to do with it.”

The presenter then asks the cleric, “Let’s suppose that a Baha’i is buried in the Muslim cemetery – what should be done?”

The mullah answers, “The Baha’i grave must be excavated and their body should be removed from the Muslim graveyard. Baha’i are infidels and being Baha’i is extremely bad.”

It’s noteworthy that while interviewing the regime cleric the presenter is eagerly nodding his head in agreement and saying, “Yes, yes” while the mullah speaks.