Warning about possible magnitude 7 earthquake in Tehran


[In this footage, head of the seismology center is warning people of Tehran about the possibility of a strong earthquake in Tehran. Recently, a magnitude 5.2 earthquake rocked this city, five weeks after a major earthquake in the country killed at least 600 people.]

TV anchor: Thanks, Moradi. Is it possible to have more aftershocks?

Head of Seismology Center: So far, we have recorded 3 small aftershocks: 2.1, 1.6 …. And in general, these aftershocks are all under 2.5. We expect to see more aftershocks and hope to have more of them. This fault had caused a magnitude 7 earthquake 800 years ago. And we are worried that these might be foreshocks and there might be a bigger earthquake on the way.

TV anchor: If a strong aftershock is going to happen, when will it be?

Head of Seismology Center: We cannot say exactly. In such cases, we usually recommend that when there is a magnitude 5 quake near a big fault, people should be careful and cautious for several hours. No one can predict the earthquake. And no one can say it won’t happen. Neither one. We hope that this one was the main quake, and the process of its aftershocks have started. But I do ask people to observe the safety measures.

TV anchor: So this might be a foreshock for a bigger earthquake.

Head of Seismology Center: If so, it will be considered a foreshock. But we really don’t have the knowledge. And we cannot say if there will be a bigger one or not. We don’t have the knowledge. So we ask the dear people to be careful. Because the science of seismology is young and there are no approaches for predicting earthquakes.

TV anchor: Thank you. We are ready to talk to you and give your information to our dear fellow countrymen, whenever you have new information in this regard. Thanks for your explanations.

Head of Seismology Center: I wish a good night for my countrymen. Goodbye.

TV anchor: Thank you for being with us. And now my colleague, Kowsari, has joined us, and he will continue to give you news and reports with regard to tonight’s earthquake.